Things Goin' On

-Check out Andrew singing Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing with the New York City based band, Northern Ramble @ LIC Bar in Queens!

-Watch Andrew's review of the Epiphone Sg Muse 

-In February, Andrew is performing again in Axial Theatre's Twisted Valentine Festival. The festival runs February 7th-9th and 13th-16th.  This time around Andrew is acting alongside fellow Texas State University Alumni, Actor and Playwright, Mandy Murphy. The play "Luella and Josh", also written by Mandy Murphy, will be directed by David Adam Gill, curator of New Ambassador's Theatre Company, in which Mandy and Andrew are both company members. For more information about the festival visit the website at

-In November, Andrew performed in The PlayGround Experiment's Face's of America Monologue Festival The festival was performed on November 18th at the Kraine Theatre in New York. "Each monologue tells a unique and personal story; some will make you laugh while others will make you sob but together they represent the incredible diversity that is America". Andrew is published in the anthology as the first person to perform the monologue from Max Mondi's "House of Karen". For more info click here

-Check out Andrew singing Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing, with the New York City based band, Nothern Ramble @ Session 73 on the Upper East Side!

-In August, Andrew originated Harvey, a boy raised in a Jewish Communist commune in the early 1960s, in Albi Gorn's Goldensbridge. The show, directed by Robin Anne Joseph, premiered in the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival at The Lion Theatre on Theatre Row in Manhattan, on the 3rd, 4th, and 6th. A review of the show stated


"Their son Harvey, played skillfully by a brooding and winsome Andrew Griffin, is less enamored of the community, feeling uneasy with being just a part of a thing when he feels led to lead his own life" - Michael Presley Bobbitt


Watch Below!

-In June, Andrew played Prince Charming in Robin Anne Joseph's After the Ball, in Theatre Revolution and The GoJo Clan's Glass Ceiling Breaker Festival. The festival celebrating female playwrights ran June 21-23rd at the Philipstown Depot Theatre. WATCH BELOW!

-In April, Andrew performed in Evelyn Mertens' one man show Grace, in Pat Lennon's Ariane Festival, presented at Philipstown Depot Theatre. The festival ran April 5-7th. WATCH BELOW! 

-In March, Andrew rejoined Not Fade Away: A Throwback to Buddy Holly and the Legends of Rock N' Roll for the spring run of the tour in Arizona and California. For more information visit

-In February, Andrew performed in Axial Theatre's Twisted Valentine Festival. The show "Circus Acrobat Girl" was directed by Albi Gorn. The festival ran February 8-10th and 15-17th.  For more information about the company visit the website at

- In the Fall 2018, Andrew was a part of the national tour of  Not Fade Away: A Tribute to Buddy Holly and the Legends of Rock N' Roll. The tour ran through September, October and November. For more information  visit

 -In January 2018, Andrew was a part of The Secret Theatre's Act One: One Act play festival. He portrayed Justin Bieber in Cambria Denim's A Girl Smiles in the Arctic, directed by Madelyn Shaffer. Along side Andrew were Nayem Cardenas-Lopez and Briaden Wells. The show advanced to the final round of the festival, and swept the awards including Best Director: Madelyn Shaffer, Best Actress: Nayem Cardenas-Lopez, Best Actor: Andrew Griffin, and Best Play: Cambria Denim. The play is soon to be published in the Secret Theatre Short Play Anthology. WATCH BELOW! 

-Check out the award winning horror short, Death Rhymes with Orangecreated and completed for Austin's 48 Hour Film Festival. Winning Best Sound: Corey McMinn and Best Cinematography Ryan Sulkier. Notable nominations: Best Script, TJ Young Best Director TJ Young, and Best Orginal Song, Andrew Griffin. Created and produced by Corey McMinn and TJ Young